OpenClip Viewer

OpenClip Viewer

This is a Cocoa app that shows the contents of the file at the path

/Library/Application Support/OpenClip/OpenClip

We will call this the OpenClip path.

The Refresh button is to force an update of the view, otherwise you have to resize the window.

The Copy button copies the file to the pasteboard in an OpenClip flavor. This is a critical capability that lets you work within the privacy of your own office and add the OpenClip capability to your program. It is important in developing both Copy and Paste.

This is a very simple utility program. The menus for New and Open do nothing. Your only possible actions are Quit and the use of the four buttons. The Basic and Extras menus will open files in the OpenClip path directory.

Download the OpenClip Viewer:

OpenClip Viewer
The Application
requires OS 10.10 or later

OpenClip Viewer Project
Xcode Project with all source code for the viewer app

OpenClipDefines.h is an alias in the project. Find a copy of this on the Paste page.

Next, we go to the OpenClip files:

OpenClip Files


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