The OpenClip 'Consortium'
Programs that support OpenClip

PRD Software's In2Space, the 3D Modeling Partner for PowerCADD, is an architectural modeler with tools specifically designed with buildings in mind. It features Copy from PowerCADD, Paste in In2Space. This capability is the progenitor of OpenClip. We hope and expect that In2Space will support OpenClip at its release.

The Macintosh version of Bonzai3D 2.0 from AutoDesSys was the first program to be released with an OpenClip plug-in. It handles Paste from OpenClip in the current plane.

Great news about the copy from PowerCADD to Bonzai! I'm sure this is going to come in real handy to many people. I know this will be a big timesaver for me. I really appreciate it. I think this collaboration with AutoDesSys is a great thing. Thanks for this copy function from PowerCADD to Bonzai.—Steve Shubin

The Macintosh version of FormZ from AutoDesSys now has the same capability as in Bonzai3D in an upcoming maintenance release. Moving it to FormZ turned out to be trivial.

FormZ is now offered in three versions: FormZ Free, FormZ Jr and FormZ Pro. Bonzai3D is now FormZ Jr

The PowerCADD/WildTools OpenClip plug-in was released with a maintenance release of WildTools 9.0.3 in March 2010. It handles Cut, Copy and Paste of 2D objects. It handles a 3D Copy (hold down the Option key) to copy the Z height stored by TopoTools and Paolo Rossi's Topography Tools. In addition, the Analyze Topo/Find Contours and Analyze Topo/Analyze Slope dialogs provide the ability to copy topo contours with Z heights and 3D surfaces.

OpenClip is now an integral part of WildTools and is included in TopoTools. You have the option in WildTools preferences to turn OpenClip on and off.

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