OpenClip Bridge App

Coming soon. The goal here is to create an app that is a bridge between PowerCADD, SketchUp and FormZ.

You will be able to drag shapefiles into the window or open the files.

You will be able to copy the current view with OpenClip and then Paste in PowerCADD or FormZ.

Trimble how now published a SDK for developers to create translators to and from SketchUp. Google's libraries of routines were a nightmare for anyone trying to do this, and they were not supported. A couple of years ago I spent a few weeks working on reverse-engineering the SketchUp file and pasteboard formats (which are nearly identical). The idea was to implement copy and paste between PowerCADD and SketchUp. It was somewhere between extremely difficult and impossible.

The SketchUp SDK is 64-bit, which means it can't be compiled into PowerCADD/WildTools.

You will be able to save the current view as a SketchUp file, thus giving you a way to move PowerCADD graphics to SketchUp.

You will be able to drag SketchUp files into the window or open the files. You will be able to copy the current view with OpenClip and then Paste in PowerCADD or FormZ. As I understand it, this will be orthogonal geometry.

I don't know what is possible in terms of getting the geometry back as a 3D presentation. If it's possible to coordinate it with WildTools 3D or PerspectiveTools, then I'll take a look at that.

I may be able to figure out how to copy and paste with SketchUp. But file saving and opening will be the first priority.

It's clear to everyone that this is going to be HUGE.

It will not happen immediately, but when you open a SketchUp file, we may want to have a menu for scenes and different viewing modes and camera points. I don't want to get into the business of selecting objects, so any Copy operation will be for the entire view that you are seeing in the program.

Fair Warning! We going to have a return to the fully integrated Open Beta Testing and Blackmail program. We are going to have a blackmail quota for contributions to the Drawing Room at



All of this is very much a work in progress. No flame mail accepted. These programs will change often, and I'll make a point to note the date of each program. I'm happy to hear any comments or suggestions.

Alfred Scott (office) (iPad)
804 353-1713
Cell: 804 690-4591

Download OpenClip Bridge (not yet)

Development Notes

This is a first compile of the OpenClip Bridge app.

It only works if Use OpenClip is turned on in the WildTools preferences.

Double-click the OpenClip Bridge app to start it up. It will look like this:

In PowerCADD,
1. Create some vector objects (lines, rectangles, polygons, etc), best if they are in the lower left of your window,
2. Copy (Use OpenClip must be turned on in the WildTools preferences).

3. Click on the Refresh button to cause the window to redraw (this will not be necessary soon)

At this point you will be able to see the objects.

Click Copy to copy this to the pasteboard in OpenClip format (which is silly as it's already there).

Click Save as SketchUp to save these objects in a SketchUp file. (not done yet)

At this point, the app is the same as the OpenClip Viewer app.

check back here for the latest developments.